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We offer personalised services such as health and fitness consultations and personal training, as well as group fitness classes, both online and in real life. Browse class information below or use buttons to book.

A total body workout with strength and cardio elements, all to an ever-changing playlist. Standard, Progression and Advanced options ensue all abilities get the most from this 50 minute workout.
high intensity interval training (Hiit)
A high energy class, consisting of bursts of strength and cardio exercises, followed by short breaks. A great, all round fitness class for those with a general good level of fitness.
outdoor circuit training
Participants work round a ‘circuit’ of different cardio and strength exercises, with optional shuttle runs and a variety of equipment such as battle ropes, resistance bands and benches.
post-natal outdoor circuit training
A high energy class, consisting of bursts of strength and cardio especially designed to be safe and effective for post natal women, with a range of different exercises to suit women at differing stages of their recovery. Babies and toddlers can observe this session from their pushchair.
strength and sculpt
A 45 minutes strength workout using weights or kettlebells, designed to strengthen and define muscles, increase bone density and raise metabolic rate. All abilities welcome.
resistance bands
A 50 minute class, where we use both long and loop resistance bands to achieve a highly effective and time efficient strength workout. Optional cardio elements are offered for those who want to add a cardio-vascular dimension to the class..
metabolic booster
A 30 minute, high intensity workout, using body weight exercises to increase heart rate and encourage an increased Resting Metabolic Rate.

guide to class types

The symbols below can be used to identify the type of class or who it is most suitable for.


Strength and conditioning work, using either your own body weight, or equipment like weights or resistance bands, to increase muscle strength and definition, and therefore raise metabolic rate.


Pulse-raising, aerobic work to encourage healthy heart, lungs and fat burn.


Classes designed especially for pregnant women, with different levels depending on your trimester and fitness. A chance to meet other expectant mums too!


Classes designed especially for post-natal women (six weeks post vaginal delivery, 10-12 weeks post C Section) with different levels depending on your recovery and fitness. A chance to meet other new mums too!


Classes designed especially with peri, menopausal or post menopausal women in mind, with exercises that help to support the body through the physical and hormonal changes experienced during this time.
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